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Same-Sex Marriages Halted in Indiana
June 27 2014 8:54 PM ET

BREAKING: Same-Sex Marriages Halted in Indiana

Trudy Ring

An appeals court has granted a stay of the Wednesday ruling that struck down the state's marriage ban.

WATCH: Meet Colorado's First Gay Married State Senator
June 27 2014 8:11 PM ET

WATCH: Meet Colorado's First Gay Married State Senator

Sunnivie Brydum

Colorado state senator Jessie Ulibarri married Louis Trujillo Thursday afternoon, making him the first legally married gay member of the state legislature.

Meet the First Gay Couple Legally Wed in Australia
June 27 2014 7:52 PM ET

Meet the First Gay Couple Legally Wed in Australia

Thom Senzee

Australia's conservative prime minister sees no problem with same-sex Aussies marrying inside British Consulate offices in Australia.

Facebook UK Unveils Over 70 Gender Options
June 27 2014 6:14 PM ET

U.K. Facebook Users Get Even More Gender Options

Mitch Kellaway

Building on the 50 options offered to U.S. users earlier this year, Facebook's U.K. platform goes even further in acknowledging the diversity of gender.

WATCH: It Gets Awkward on CNBC as Apple's Tim Cook Called Openly Gay
June 27 2014 6:03 PM ET

CNBC Gets Awkward, Calling Apple's CEO Openly Gay

Lucas Grindley

Apple CEO Tim Cook was once again the center of speculation — this time, on CNBC.

Faith Leaders Beg Obama for Religious Exemptions in ENDA Exec. Order
June 27 2014 5:29 PM ET

Religious Groups Ask Obama for Special Treatment

Sunnivie Brydum

A letter from religious leaders does not endorse Obama's executive order as the best way to fight discrimination.

Poll: Most Say Right to Marry Should Trump Religious Exemptions
June 27 2014 4:21 PM ET

Poll: Most Say Right to Marry Should Trump Religious Exemptions

Michelle Garcia

A new poll shows a majority of people think that businesses should not be able to discriminate against LGBT people on the basis of owners' religious beliefs.

IRS to Pay $50,000 to NOM in Settlement
June 27 2014 1:56 PM ET

IRS Will Pay NOM to Settle Disclosure Suit

Trudy Ring

The action settles a lawsuit the antigay group had brought over the disclosure of donor names.

PHOTOS: Mass Love in Canada
June 27 2014 11:57 AM ET

PHOTOS: Mass Love in Canada

Advocate.com Editors

In Toronto, a mass LGBT wedding is part of the World pride celebration

Undocumented, Gay, and Excluded: Jose Antonio Vargas
June 27 2014 11:00 AM ET

Undocumented, Gay, and Excluded

Sunnivie Brydum

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas says his life truly began three years ago, when he announced his immigration status. But it's more than just the American citizenry he's fighting to be a part of.

PHOTOS: St. Louis Defies State's Marriage Ban
June 26 2014 8:23 PM ET

PHOTOS: St. Louis Defies State's Marriage Ban

Trudy Ring

Four same-sex couples wed in the St. Louis mayor's office Wednesday, setting up a challenge to the state's ban on such unions.

PHOTOS: Trans Infographics Start Conversations We Need to Be Having
June 26 2014 8:17 PM ET

How to Start the Trans Conversations You Need to Be Having

Mitch Kellaway

Three projects have devised eye-catching art to keep the buzz going about trans issues, creating shareable infographics.

WATCH: Sitcom The Switch May Make Trans TV History
June 26 2014 5:45 PM ET

WATCH: The Switch Could Make Trans TV History

Mitch Kellaway

Trans producer Amy Fox has just released the pilot for a show poised to see the first trans lead actress on television.