1978 Report: Murder And Mourning in San Francisco
November 27 2013 3:05 PM ET

1978 Report: Murder & Mourning in San Francisco

Advocate.com Editors

On the 35th anniversary of Harvey Milk's death, The Advocate reprints its report of the days and events that followed.

What Is Chelsea Manning Thankful For?
November 26 2013 3:42 PM ET

What Is Chelsea Manning Thankful For?

Michelle Garcia

Transgender army private and Wikileaks informant Chelsea Manning, explains what she's thankful for this Thanksgiving.

November 22 2013 6:22 PM ET

Ikea Removes Lesbian Couple From Its Russian Magazine

A spokeswoman for Ikea told Sweden's Aftonbladet newspaper: "We have two guiding principles in the communication we distribute from Ikea. The first is home interior design.

Michele Bachmann Excludes LGBT Parents From Adoption Resolution
November 22 2013 3:40 PM ET

Michele Bachmann Excludes Gay Parents in Adoption Resolution

Daniel Reynolds

The Minnesota representative has rejected a request from Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, who is gay, to include language that supports LGBT parents in an adoption resolution.

Houston Offers Benefits to Employees' Same-Sex Spouses
November 21 2013 9:05 PM ET

Houston Offers Benefits to Employees' Same-Sex Spouses

Trudy Ring

Mayor Annise Parker says this is the constitutional and right thing to do; meanwhile, Houston's county takes steps to protect LGBT prisoners.

PHOTOS: Sally Ride, Bayard Rustin Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom
November 21 2013 12:17 PM ET

PHOTOS: Ride, Rustin Awarded Medal of Freedom

Advocate.com Editors

The gay pioneers were among 16 honorees awarded the highest civilian honor at the White House Wednesday.

Scott Lively: 'Butch Homosexuals' Beating Effeminate Russian Gays
November 20 2013 5:33 PM ET

Scott Lively: 'Butch Homosexuals' Beating Femme Russian Gays

Sunnivie Brydum

The antigay American evangelical claims that Russia's violent crackdown on LGBT people is actually 'gay-on-gay' violence.

READ: Obama Marks Gettysburg Address With Handwritten, Gay-Inclusive Letter
November 20 2013 2:26 PM ET

READ: Obama Marks Gettysburg With Handwritten, Gay-Inclusive Letter

Sunnivie Brydum

President Obama paid homage to the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address with a handwritten letter lauding the ongoing fight for equality.

10 Things to Know: Bayard Rustin
November 20 2013 6:00 AM ET

10 Things to Know: Bayard Rustin

Michelle Garcia

Here's a rundown on the man responsible for one of the largest peaceful demonstrations in American history.

'Ex-Gay' Therapist Leading Air Force Academy's Cadet Counseling
November 19 2013 4:36 PM ET

'Ex-Gay' Therapist Leading Air Force Academy's Cadet Counseling

Sunnivie Brydum

Mike Rosebush has spent more than two decades advocating for the discredited therapeutic practice that aims to turn gay people straight. He's now the head of the cadet counseling program at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

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