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Lieutenant Governor Says Women Like Her Are Not in Lesbian Affairs

WATCH: Lt. Gov. Says Women Like Her Don't Engage in Lesbian Affairs

Florida's lieutenant governor denied in an interview that she was in a secret same-sex affair at work, saying that "black women that look like me don't engage in relationships like that."

Lieutenant Governor in Florida Accused of Affair With Her Female Staffer

Florida's Lieutenant Governor Denies Any Affair With Her Female Staffer

Jennifer Carroll, Florida's lieutenant governor, is accused of firing a staffer who caught her in "a compromising position" with another wom

The Arcus Foundation Names Kevin Jennings Executive Director

The Arcus Foundation Names Kevin Jennings Executive Director

The Arcus Foundation announced today that its new leader is Kevin Jennings, a former Obama adminstration member and the founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network.

Millionaire Gives Huge Donation to Victory Institute

Millionaire Gives $800,000 Donation to Victory Institute

The Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute just got a hefty boost today, according to Towl

First Lesbian Super PAC Launches

The Rise of the Lesbian Super PAC

LPAC, a new super PAC created by influential lesbians, plans to raise at least $1 million this cycle to help elect pro-equality candidates and amplify women’s voices in the political conversation.

Log Cabin Republicans Names Interim Deputy

Log Cabin Republicans Names Interim Deputy

Don R. Bramer, who served in the George H.W. Bush administration, has been named interim deputy executive director of the group representing gay Republicans.

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