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How The Harvey Milk Hope Speech Still Resonates This National Coming Out Day

How The Harvey Milk 'Hope Speech' Still Resonates This National Coming Out Day

He started his speeches with a joke: "My name is Harvey Milk and I'm here to recruit you." And his famous "Hope Speech" was no different but stood out from the rest.

Obama Administration Issues Written Deportation Guidelines for Binational Couples

Obama Administration Puts Deportation Guidelines in Writing

A memo from the Department of Homeland Security lists the criteria under which same-sex relationships can be considered a “family relationship.”

L.A.'s Gay Council Member Steps Down to Battle Cancer
October 09 2012 6:15 PM ET

L.A.'s Gay Council Member Steps Down to Battle Cancer

Los Angeles's only openly gay City Council member, Bill Rosendahl, said he will not seek reelection so that he can concentrate on battling cancer.

Attorney Fired From Pat Robertson's Legal Group for Relationships With Young Men

Pat Robertson's Legal Group Fires Attorney Accused of Being Gay

A senior attorney has been fired from the conservative American Center for Law and Justice for reportedly having multiple relationships with younger men.

Victory for Pride Parades in Russia

Victory for Pride Parades in Russia

The nation's Supreme Court upholds 'gay propaganda' laws but says they do not prohibit LGBT pride parades or other public events.

Gays Control FBI and CIA According to Rightwinger Brian Camenker

Latest Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory: Gays Control the CIA

A rightwing activist obsessed with LGBT people now claims that gays control the FBI and CIA and are using the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr.

Antigay Group Sues to Halt Californias Ex Gay Therapy Ban

Antigay Group Sues to Halt California's 'Ex-Gay' Therapy Ban

After California became the first state in the nation to ban so-called ex-gay therapy, advocates of the scientifically discredited practice have filed suit in federal court, alleging the law is unconstitutional.

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