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WATCH Wanda Sykes Explains Why the GOP Hates Her

WATCH: Wanda Sykes Explains Why the GOP Hates Her

Outspoken comic Wanda Sykes says that as a black, gay woman "the only way to make the GOP hate me more is if I sent them a video of me rolling around on a pile of welfare checks."

Concerns Raised Over Mental Health of Gay Detainee

Concerns Raised Over Gay Detainee's Mental Health

Friends and relatives of an undocumented immigrant who fled antigay violence in Peru fear he is not receiving proper treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

WATCH Barney Frank Calls Log Cabin Republicans Uncle Toms

WATCH: Barney Frank Slams Log Cabin With 'Uncle Tom' Comment

The comparison prompted a response from Log Cabin and some distancing remarks from LGBT leaders.

Paul Ryan Helped Kill Trans Inclusive ENDA

Paul Ryan Helped Kill Trans-Inclusive ENDA

The Republican VP nominee voted for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act in 2007 but said he couldn't support the legislation if it included protections for transgender Americans.

Hank Williams Jr Says Obama Is a Muslim Who Loves Gays

Hank Williams Jr.: Obama Is a Muslim Who Loves Gays

The country singer made the comment during a Texas concert in which he also made fun of 'queer guitar pickers.'

California: Conversion Therapy Ban Passes, Heads to Gov. Brown

California: Conversion Therapy Ban Passes, Heads to Gov. Brown

California lawmakers officially passed a bill to ban sexual orientation conversion therapy on minors, with Gov. Jerry Brown expected to sign the legislation.

Family Equality Council Asks Politicians to Value All Families

When Family Values Mean Valuing All Families

The national advocacy group released a report Wednesday detailing ways that politicians and platforms can support LGBT families and the children within them.

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