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Trump has another 'huge' Tuesday.

8:38 PM Updated

Clinton scored a decisive victory in Mississippi, but Sanders edged her in Michigan.

8:12 PM Updated

On the horizon is another sleepless night for Missouri Democrats intent on stopping an anti-LGBT constitutional amendment from making it to the November ballot. 

7:12 PM

A Michigan lawmaker who wants to hold schools 'criminally liable' for teaching students about homosexuality endorsed Ted Cruz Monday.

6:52 PM

The activist reveals to The Advocate why they asked Hillary Clinton to apologize for referring to some young men of color as 'super-predators' in the 1990s. 

6:44 AM

On International Women's Day, remember how many rights women are still fighting for.

6:19 AM

In opposing 'religious refusal' legislation that would enable anti-LGBT discrimination, Gov. Nathan Deal is practicing true Christianity, says Believe Out Loud's James Rowe.

5:13 AM