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Angus King, the popular former governor, will replace retiring Republican moderate Olympia Snowe.

November 07 2012 4:41 PM

Mark Grisanti, one of four Republican state senators who backed marriage equality legislation last year, won his race for reelection, while Stephen Saland appeared to be losing.

November 07 2012 2:00 PM Updated

One of California's antigay politicos was reelected on Tuesday.

November 07 2012 12:40 PM

We're not gloating — it's just that we just find these pictures of Tammy Baldwin and her supporters very moving. The Wisconsin congresswoman became the first openly gay U.S. senator in history on Tuesday.

November 07 2012 12:20 PM

It's still not for certain that Tea Party favorite Allen West has been voted out of office, but his LGBT-supportive opponent is claiming victory.

With 100% of precincts reporting, Patrick Murphy leads West, 50.4% to 49.6% in Florida's 18th district. Separating them are only 2,456 votes. West is demanding a recount.

November 07 2012 12:10 PM

Kyrsten Sinema, who could become the first openly bisexual candidate elected to Congress, said her lead in the hotly contested race in Arizona appears to be “growing.”

November 07 2012 12:09 PM Updated

Mark Takano has won the congressional race in the 41st Congressional District in California, becoming the first person of color in Congress.

November 07 2012 11:40 AM Updated

Michele Bachmann yet again eked out a win in her Minnesota district and returns to Congress with severely antigay views.

With 100& of districts reporting, Bachmann had 50.6% of the vote in the sixth district, compared to 49.4% for Democratic challenger Jim Graves. Only 4,207 votes separated them.

November 07 2012 11:36 AM