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NOH8 Co-founders Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley invited members of both parties and both houses of Congress to a photo shoot to celebrate National Coming Out Day and 26 people showed up — all Democrats from the House of Representatives. Among them is the head of the Democratic Party, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

October 11 2012 4:39 PM

He started his speeches with a joke: "My name is Harvey Milk and I'm here to recruit you." And his famous "Hope Speech" was no different but stood out from the rest. On this National Coming Out Day, in the midst of an election year with a record number of LGBT candidates, Milk's message about the importance of electing openly gay officials is important to remember.

October 11 2012 11:56 AM

A memo from the Department of Homeland Security lists the criteria under which same-sex relationships can be considered a “family relationship.”

October 10 2012 9:58 AM

Los Angeles's only openly gay City Council member, Bill Rosendahl, said he will not seek reelection so that he can concentrate on battling cancer.

Rosendahal, 67, announced that he was diagnosed with cancer in his pelvic area in August.

"My doctors feel there is abundant reason for optimism," he wrote two months ago. "The cancer is slow-moving, has not spread to any vital organs, and does not affect my digestive system."

October 09 2012 4:14 PM Updated

The Log Cabin Republicans may announce their endorsement of Mitt Romney for president as soon as this week.

October 09 2012 3:16 PM

A senior attorney has been fired from the conservative American Center for Law and Justice for reportedly having multiple relationships with younger men.

October 09 2012 2:29 PM

Michigan state representative Tom McMillin says that being gay is a choice for those "who have come out the lifestyle."

McMillin, a Republican who previously compared being gay to smoking cigarettes, was confronted as a recent town hall meeting by gay constituent Bruce Fealk. When Fealk asked whether he still believed being gay is a choice, McMillin responded by saying, "Well, I think that the thousands of people that have been in that lifestyle and come out would say that it was their choice when they were in and came out of the lifestyle."

October 08 2012 6:56 PM

The Public Policy Polling survey indicates U.S. Senate hopeful Tammy Baldwin has maintained a three-point lead over Tommy Thompson, who appears to be lacking favor among Wisconsin voters.

October 08 2012 1:24 PM