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Marriage Equality Passes in Delaware
May 07 2013 5:28 PM ET

No. 11: Marriage Equality Signed in Delaware

Michelle Garcia

After a 12-9 vote in the senate, gay couples will be able to marry in Delaware starting this summer.

May 07 2013 5:15 PM ET

Some Klingons Are Gay. Get Over It!

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Stonewall’s iconic campaign goes intergalactic to coincide with the UK release of Star Trek Into Darkness.

May 07 2013 2:25 PM ET

U.K.: Gallery to Honor Dead Transgender Teacher

Painter Chris Fittock will display pieces of art at a U.K.

Sen. Portman Wary on ENDA, LGBT Immigration Rights Bills
May 07 2013 1:50 PM ET

Rob Portman Wary on ENDA, LGBT Immigration Bills

Michelle Garcia

Rob Portman explained his views on immigration equality and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act at an event Monday night.

As Congress Considers Adoption Rights Bill, Gingrich Argues Religious Liberties
May 07 2013 12:24 PM ET

As Congress Considers Adoption Rights, Gingrich Plays Victim

Michelle Garcia

A new law aims to change the 30 state laws that make it difficult for prospective gay parents to adopt, but Newt Gingrich believes these sort of laws will only invite more anti-religious provisions.

Ill. GOP Chairman Shown Door After Supporting Marriage Equality
May 07 2013 11:08 AM ET

Ill. GOP Chairman Ousted After Backing Marriage Equality

Neal Broverman

Pat Brady's fate was sealed after he pushed for marriage equality earlier this year.

May 06 2013 4:47 PM ET

WATCH: Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Brad Goreski Kiss and Tie the Knot

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It's about time that bow tie buddies Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Brad Goreski got together — even if it's just in a PSA for marriage equality on Funny or Die.

May 06 2013 1:30 PM ET

NOH8, All Love for Liza Minnelli

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This may come as quite a shock, but Liza Minnelli supports marriage equality.

Rick Perry Compares Supporting Scouts' Gay Ban to Opposing Slavery
May 06 2013 12:12 PM ET

Why Did Rick Perry Compare Scouts' Gay Ban to Slavery?

Neal Broverman

The Texas governor didn't exactly score a home run when it came to arguing his point.

Group of LGBT Catholics and Supporters Threatened With Arrest at N.Y. Cathedral
May 06 2013 7:34 AM ET

LGBT Catholics Told Not to Enter Cathedral or Face Arrest

Trudy Ring

The group tried to enter with deliberately soiled hands, a response to the New York archbishop's recent statement that LGBT worshippers were welcome if they washed their hands.

Catholic Leaders Denounce R.I. Marriage Equality Law
May 06 2013 7:15 AM ET

Catholic Leaders Denounce R.I. Marriage Equality Law

Trudy Ring

Members of the Catholic hierarchy nationwide are objecting to the measure, which became law last week.

WATCH: Gay U.K. Politician Denies Rape Allegations
May 05 2013 6:20 PM ET

WATCH: Gay U.K. Politician Denies Rape Allegations

Trudy Ring

House of Commons deputy speaker Nigel Evans says the accusations are 'completely false.'