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Watch a Rare Look Inside the Bubble of Fox News
November 07 2012 4:01 PM ET

WATCH: A Rare Peek Inside the Bubble That Is Fox News

Lucas Grindley

Immediately after Fox News' own decision desk called Ohio for Obama, Karl Rove had a fit.

Mixed Results for Republicans Who Backed Marriage Equality in New York
November 07 2012 3:00 PM ET November 07 2012 3:00 PM ET

Mixed Results for Republicans Who Backed Marriage Equality in New York

Julie Bolcer

Mark Grisanti, one of four Republican state senators who backed marriage equality legislation last year, won his race for reelection, while Stephen Saland appeared to be losing.

Antigay Tom McClintock is Reelected to the Chagrin of LGBT Voters
November 07 2012 1:40 PM ET

Opponent of LGBT Education Elected

Advocate.com Editors

One of California's antigay politicos was reelected on Tuesday.

Tammy Wins as Told In Some Truly Moving Pictures
November 07 2012 1:20 PM ET

Tammy Wins: In Pictures

Advocate.com Editors

We're not gloating — it's just that we just find these pictures of Tammy Baldwin and her supporters very moving. The Wisconsin congresswoman became the first openly gay U.S. senator in history on Tuesday.

We Might Have Seen the Last of Antigay Allen West
November 07 2012 1:10 PM ET

Have We Seen the Last of Antigay Allen West?

Advocate.com Editors

It's still not for certain that Tea Party favorite Allen West

Bisexual Candidate Kyrsten Sinema Is Optimistic in Arizona
November 07 2012 1:09 PM ET January 07 2014 3:37 PM ET

Kyrsten Sinema: 'We’re Optimistic' in Arizona

Advocate.com Editors

Kyrsten Sinema, who could become the first openly bisexual candidate elected to Congress, said her lead in the hotly contested race in Arizona appears to be “growing.”

Mark Takano Becomes First LGBT Person of Color in Congress
November 07 2012 12:40 PM ET January 07 2014 2:08 PM ET

Mark Takano Becomes First LGBT Person of Color in Congress

Diane Anderson-Minshall

Mark Takano has won the congressional race in the 41st Congressional District in California, becoming the first person of color in Congress.

Michele Bachmann Manages a Close Win in Minnesota
November 07 2012 12:36 PM ET

Michele Bachmann Manages a Close Win in Minnesota

Advocate.com Editors

Michele Bachmann yet again eked out a win in her Minnesota district and returns to Congress with severely antigay views.

Get The Latest on Washington Marriage Question
November 07 2012 12:24 PM ET


View at The Advocate

November 07 2012 12:18 PM ET

Meet the Youngest Out Lawmaker in the Country

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Minnesota Rejects Antigay Amendment
November 07 2012 12:04 PM ET

Homerun: Minnesota Rejects Antigay Amendment

Neal Broverman

Minnesota voters send a mean-spirited ballot initiative packing and leave their constitution unsullied.