Florida Senate OK's Repeal of Ban on Adoption by Gays, Sends to Governor

Florida: Repeal of Adoption Ban Gets OK, Sent to Governor

The repeal measure, which has already passed the House, received bipartisan approval in the Senate after emotional debate.

Florida Poised to Approve Antigay 'License to Discriminate' in Adoptions

Florida Kills Antigay 'License to Discriminate' in Adoptions

The state Senate turned back an effort to write discriminatory language into adoption law.

Florida May Allow Adoption Agencies to Turn Away Gays

Florida May Allow Adoption Agencies to Turn Away Gays

An odious bill advances in the Florida House.

WATCH: These Gay Prospective Dads Sing 'Dear Future Baby' And It's Too Cute

WATCH: Hopeful Dads Sing 'Dear Future Baby,' Are Too Cute

A Minneapolis couple channels Meghan Trainor and sing their hearts out on the web, hopeful that one day they will become fathers.

Alabama Bill Seeks License to Discriminate in Adoption Services

Alabama Wants License to Discriminate in Adoption

The measure would let faith-based agencies, even those that receive public funds, turn away same-sex couples or others who offend the agency's religious beliefs.

Antigay Adoption Bills Advance in Michigan, Florida

Two States Could Let Gay Couples Be Excluded in Adoptions

Opponents call the bills a 'license to discriminate' and say they prioritize an adoption agency's beliefs over the best interests of the child seeking a home.

Alabama Judge, Ordered to Recognize Same-Sex Marriage, Denies Second-Parent Adoption

Ala. Judge, Forced to Recognize Lesbian Marriage, Denies Adoption 

The same probate judge who was taken to court for denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples is being sued again — by the same couple whose marriage he was court-ordered to recognize.

GOP Senators Want to Give Religious Adoption Agencies 'License to Discriminate'
August 01 2014 9:45 AM ET

Senators Seek License to Discriminate in Adoption

Two Republican senators have introduced legislation that would ensure religiously affiliated adoption agencies don't lose state or federal funding, even if they refuse to place kids with LGBT prospective parents.

WATCH: Judge Says Gay Dads Can't Adopt, Be Listed on Birth Certificate

WATCH: Gay Dads Can't Be Listed on Son's Birth Certificates

A Texas judge has denied Jason Hanna and Joe Riggs the chance to adopt each other's child and the right to have their names on the birth certificates of each.

Poll: Majority of Americans Support Adoption by Same-Sex Couples

Poll: More Americans Support Adoption Than Marriage

According to the latest Gallup poll, 63 percent of Americans believe same-sex couples should be allowed to legally adopt children.

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