Allyson Robinson

News about Allyson Robinson, the former head of OUTServe-SLDN and her work as a transgender leader. She made history as the first transgender woman to head a major LGBT organization that did not specifically focus on trans issues: OUTServe-SLDN, a non-profit that strives to support the military service LGBT community, LGBT veterans and their families, as well as improving military inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals. A graduate from West Point, Robinson resigned from her post at OUTServe-SLDN after the organization announced bankruptcy in 2012.
WATCH: Allyson Robinson Slams Pentagon's Lack of Leadership on Trans Military Ban

Ending the Trans Military Ban: 'Let's Just Get This Done'

The former Army captain and West Point graduate has a message for outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel: End the military's ban on open service by transgender Americans.

Op-ed: Will the Next Defense Secretary Continue the Pentagon's Equality Expansion?

Dear Ash Carter: You Have Big Shoes To Fill

The next Defense secretary will likely have to carry the mantle of fully integrating all LGBT people into the military. Is Ash Carter game to do it?

Will Chuck Hagel Open Door for Trans Troops on His Way Out?

Will Hagel Open Door for Trans Troops on His Way Out?

There's still time for President Obama to shake the hand of the first openly transgender U.S. service member. Here's how the outgoing Secretary of Defense can make that a reality.

WATCH: 'TransMilitary' Documentary Seeks to End Trans Service Ban

WATCH: TransMilitary Documentary Seeks to End Trans Service Ban

Transgender military veteran and activist Allyson Robinson has joined a new documentary project that hopes to raise awareness about the ban on open military service by trans Americans.

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