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Learn more about the American Family Association, a charity organization that is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Read the latest news about the AFA, which is helmed by Bryan Fischer, an antigay pundit, as well as Tim Wildmon. The American Family Association is a Minnesota-based organization that focus on ‘moral issues,’ lobbing against causes like abortion and same-sex marriage. Find out more about AFA and other groups that oppose equality for LGBTs in the United States.
One Million Moms Goes After 'I Am Jazz'

One Million Moms Goes After I Am Jazz

The right-wing group wants Revlon to pull ads from the reality show about transgender teen Jazz Jennings.

WATCH: Bryan Fischer Says Homophobes Are 'Born That Way'

Bryan Fischer Claims Homophobes Are 'Born That Way'

There's an instinctive revulsion to 'the act of homosexuality,' the antigay activist claims.

Right Wing Vowing to Refuse and Resist

Right Wing Vows to Refuse and Resist

The right is also making comparisons to a pro-slavery decision and talking about 'disenfranchisement.'

Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum Sign Antigay Pledge With Who's Who of Wingnuts

Huckabee, Santorum Sign Antigay Marriage Pledge

The Republican presidential hopefuls are in good company, adding their names to a pledge to protect 'traditional marriage' endorsed by the Duggar family and leaders of certified antigay hate groups.

Bryan Fischer: 'Gay Conservative' Is a 'Dangerous' 'Oxymoron'

Fischer: 'Gay Conservative' Is an 'Oxymoron'

Fischer earns his Phobie credentials once again in denouncing gay conservative commentator Guy Benson.

Antigay Group's Ad Tells Supreme Court: Marriage 'God's Alone to Decide'

Ad Warns SCOTUS: Marriage Is 'God's Alone to Decide'

The American Family Association takes out a full-page ad in The Washington Post to oppose marriage equality — and it's illustrated with a painting by gay artist Michelangelo.

Antigay Michigan State Rep Warns of Gay Journalist's 'Agenda'

Antigay Michigan State Rep Warns of Gay Journalist's 'Agenda'

Michigan Rep. Gary Glenn seems to think a gay journalist can't report the news objectively.

Gay Author and Former Right-Wing Activist on Life as an 'Odd Man Out'

Gay Author and Former Right-Wing Activist on Life as an Odd Man Out

Once a lawyer for the antigay American Family Association, Joe Murray is now an out, married gay man. He shares his story in his book Odd Man Out.

Antigay Group Makes a 'Hate' List/Hit List

Antigay Group Makes a 'Hate' List/Hit List

The right-wing American Family Association has published a map identifying many LGBT organizations (among others) as being 'deeply intolerant' of Christianity.

WATCH: Hate Group's Hometown Loves 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

WATCH: Hate Group's Hometown Loves Fifty Shades

Rachel Maddow notes the irony that the film is the hottest ticket in Tupelo, Miss., home base of the virulently antigay American Family Association.

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