22 Very Sexy V-Day Gifts

There's something for everyone — even you happily single chaps — on our list.



Get Him Some Sexy Kicks
Nothing says I love you more than … vintage-inspired classic high-tops, and Burneties are the best. Stylish, sexy, and created through a zero-waste manufacturing process (the outsoles are made from mostly reused rubber). $44, BurnetieShoes.com

Rethink Modern Art
Art, from Monet to Keith Haring, is always a good gift. But need something hipper, fresher, more street, or, well, closer to your budget? Try Dudebox.com, which lets artists find new venues to express themselves. We can't help but love Jonny Wan's limited edition King Crackal Vinyl Toy (pictured near right), a gift that shows Wan's brilliant use of color as both rebellion and imagination, or graffiti artist Hicks' Neesh, a magical fixer bot turned vinyl art collectible (pictured far right). Both are limited to 300 pieces each but priced for entry-level art lovers and geek guys alike. Bonus: The boxes these little guys come in are as artsy as they are. $35, Dudebox.com

Possibly Un-PC but Plenty of Fun
There is nothing more perverse or discreet than this Kokeshi Dancer vibrator (which comes in boy and girl versions). Originally made during the Edo Period in Japan (1600-1868), traditional Kokeshi Dolls were crafted by Kijiya artisans in the Miyagi Prefecture to sell to visitors who came to bathe in the local hot springs. With this modern, battery-powered, and waterproof vibrating version, you can subvert tradition without visitors ever having a second clue about your little doll's sexy main purpose. Try it in a bath with a friend. $29.99, BigTeazeToys.com

It's OK to Be Cheap
Yes, jewelry, flowers, and toys are fun, but lube is a practical gift that should be a year round stocking stuffer (er, pun intended). Try Wet's Platinum Premium Lubricant (its longest-lasting formula),  Syngergy (which combines silicon and water based lube), and Ecstasy Xtra Cooling Sensation (yes, minty for that Christmas-in-your-pants feeling), or Uranus (for “out of this world deep space probing”). $7, Drugstore.com

Party in Your Pocket
The C-Case, a sleek steel and aluminum condom case from Big Teaze Toys, carries three condoms or a combo of condoms, lube packet, and moist towelette (think of it as a whore's bath that fits in your pocket). Show him you're proud of your sexuality and your sexual health with a case that protects you both. (And hey, if you're comfortable with your masculinity, you can get it in Barbie-hued pink too.) $9.99, BigTeazeToys.com

The Miracle Berry
Food as aphrodisiac is as old as The Iliad, but Miracle Berry tablets subvert all that. These little berries (which you can buy as tablets or as the plant to grow your own) will change your taste buds temporarily so that ordinary foods taste extraordinary (and even bad foods taste great). Re-create your own 9 1/2 Weeks scenes with these little berries and whatever is left over in the fridge that night. Or, if you love it, buy him a seedling and make this a regular part of date night. $10 and up, MBerry.us

Safe Sex Meets Modern Design
Remember when marital aids were cheap plastic toys everyone was embarassed to admit they owned? Not so with the newest and hottest: the VërSpanken, a toy that lets you customize the pressure, texture, temperature, with different inserts (called Water Wieners). It's made of 100% recyclable materials and contains no latex, phthalates, lead, or heavy metals. It's so modern it comes with its own arty how-to YouTube video. Just keep it away from the kids; it looks a lot like one of their toys too. $39, BigTeazeToys.com