15 Fascinating Groups From The NYC Expo

If you missed the expo, you can still peruse our virtual exhibition hall of music, couture, cowboys and queer art from the 20th annual GLBT Expo — you'll love it.



If you're a lesbian looking to get out and get down, check out this grab-bag of girlish goodies:

Leslie Lohan Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art (link NSFW-ish) - If you're looking for a great date, a lesson in queer art or a place to share some of your own artwork, this Manhattan museum is your hookup. Plus, its rotating exhibits regularly feature both erotic and political pieces — rawr!

Girlzparty.com - If you'd rather go out and meet other like-minded ladies, you could always peruse the many social events listed at Girlzparty.com. They're not exclusively lesbian, but they are a women-only site. There's also hiring, it seems.

Glamazons - Check out the rockin' burlesque stylings of this full-bodied female group. They've performed their naughty after-hours show around the world and will show you just how bold, brilliant and beautiful BIG can really be.

Let's Be Brief - Their colorful array of women's briefs will delight you whether you're wearing them to bed or sporting them quietly under your work clothes.

Neena Zeve - The tailored suits and jackets from this women's wedding boutique are downright gorgeous. They have a feminine fit, luxurious design elements and yet traditional styles that'll make any woman a knock-out at the post-wedding reception.