Celebrate Bent-Con With 7 Great LGBTQ Graphic Novels

Mood-setting graphic novels for Bent Con — the queer pop culture convention that celebrates LGBT comics, graphic novels, cartooning, animation, gaming, and sci-fi/fantasy/horror books and films.

BY Jacob Anderson-Minshall

November 09 2013 7:04 AM ET

The Heart of Thomas, Moto Hagio (Fantagraphics)

The stylistic graphic novels known as “Boys Love” magna have become enormously popular, known for their boys' school settings, stirring same-sex attractions, social formality, and repressed homoeroticism. Those tropes — and familiar imagery common in manga, anime, and Japanese comics all owe their existence — much as the sci-fi film genre owes its to Metropolis — to Moto Hagio’s The Heart of Thomas. Now issued for the first time in America, Heart of Thomas may have sprung from the mid-1970s, but it remains remarkably engrossing, moving, and relevant. The love story is also a mystery slowly revealing why a young boy fell to his death.