The A-List Interview: Melissa McCarthy

From her wig obsession to her girl crush on Lena Dunham, Tammy's Melissa explains it all.



Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy in Mike & Molly


You dressed as drag legend Divine for a 2011 Entertainment Weekly photo shoot. Doesn’t that pretty much cement your status as a gay icon?
I should at least get some sort of membership card, right? Yeah, I think I’m in the club for life.

What does that support mean to you?
Well, my best gay friends — most of the attendants at my wedding — are also my funniest friends. It’s a loyal group that stays current, so it’s a tough crowd. If I can please them, I feel really proud. Why haven’t I talked to The Advocate before? It’s about time!

Back to the subject of gay men who discovered you, screenwriter John August helped launch your career when you appeared in his 1999 film Go.
He certainly did. Yeah, that was my first movie, and it was huge for me. That’s an incredibly smart, talented boy right there. We also did a short film, God, after that, and years later he directed me in his film The Nines. He’s fantastic.

Molly’s ex-fiancé turned out to be gay on Mike & Molly. Have you ever dated a gay man?
Just one? There were so many. In my early 20s I was like the last stop before a guy said, “Yep, it’s official: I’m gay.” I’d be like, “Really?!” I’d think, But he’s so funny, so charming, and such a good dresser. I never saw it coming.

Mike & Molly has featured other LGBT storylines, but GLAAD was among those who criticized the show’s use of the slur “shemale” last year. As a comedic actor, are you conscious of not being offensive?
Absolutely. Had I known it was such a sensitive topic, I would’ve had them change that. So many people get blasted on the show, and I feel like everyone should get equal slaps, but I’m never for comedy that turns mean-spirited.