New Trans Voices: Hear From the Trans Poets Workshop NYC

Members of the Trans Poets Workshop NYC offer pieces from their diverse bodies of work.



Buzz Slutzky

My lover blocked me on instagram.
Too much Gemini; it was bound to combust.
Every decision was heavy, a final exam,
but we drew close like magnets, such fire, hot damn.
Their sleeping was rough; with their binder they fussed.
My job was to comfort like a cuddly lamb.
They were smaller and younger than I am—
Nervous in bed, too fragile to thrust.
One time, late at 3:30am,
My lover froze up and asked me to scram.
They spoke real confusing, like through tin cans caked in rust;
But they sent pensive selfies, a millennial ham.
Their boyish outfits so fresh, so glam.
Silence might help temper our magnetic lust.
Maybe that’s why my lover blocked me on instagram,
where they posted snapshots of their fam.
No more pictures of their pizza crust
which probably won’t be topped with ham.
My other ex just sent me spam.
while I was in Oakland, their turf. I will delete it if I must.
But my new ex-lover blocked me on instagram.
They’ll prolly date some butch named Sam
who meets their needs of care and trust
and takes coupley selfies like a fake-happy ham.
This app is way more drama than shazam.
Even my phone needs to adjust.
My lover blocked me on instagram,
And I’m hanging on their lips, in front of you, like a desperate ham.

Buzz Slutzky is an interdisciplinary visual artist, writer, and performer. Buzz's work has been shown at the Leslie-Lohman Museum, La Mama's SQUIRTS: New Voices in Queer Performance, Frameline37 International LGBT Film Festival, and the The MIX NYC Queer Experimental Film Festival.