Revisiting the Black Cat

In 1967 the world forever changed for LGBTs, whether they knew it then or not, with a momentous night at an unassuming gay bar in Los Angeles.



BLACK CAT ORIGINAL X560 | ADVOCATE.COMAs we celebrate 45 years of The Advocate's history, we look both inward, to our long record of reporting on the struggle for LGBT rights, and outward, to a new generation of activists carrying the torch for equality. This original photo of the protests (participants' names and photographer unknown) has been re-created by Bradford Rogne and features activists (opposite, from left) James Duke Mason, 19, founder of the Trailblazer Campaign; Eileen Ma, 40, executive director of API Equality L.A.; and Jake Finney, 40, Anti-Violence Project manager for the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center and organizer of Trans Pride in Los Angeles.