Aug Sept 2016
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Comic Relief

When this summer’s comic-con recognized its longest-running panel, it was Gays in Comics, observing its 25th anniversary. While the event brought together dozens of artists and thousands of fans, it was part a celebration of the panel’s founder, author Andy Mangels, and a nod to the rich heritage of LGBT comic artists — many of whom got their start in The Advocate. Over the years, some of the nation’s top LGBT artists have graced our pages, including Kris Kovick, Alison Bechdel, and Howard Cruse. The latter, in fact, created one of the most enduring and popular gay cartoon strips during the 1980s.

Adv Cover460 Wendell

Howard Cruse — November 25, 1986
“Wendel” (1983-1989)
Easily The Advocate’s most beloved cartoon strip was about Wendel, an idealistic redhead, and his partner, Ollie. The  first successful, long-running gay strip, “Wendel” addressed issues such as AIDS, LGBT rights, homophobia, and closeted Hollywood.

Wendell 1988 01x633

Howard Cruse, “Wendel”

Wendell 1988 02x633

Howard Cruse, “Wendel”

June 20 1989 Stonewallx633

Gerard P. Donelan — June 20, 1989
“It’s a Gay Life” (1977-1992)

December 1968 Xmasx633

Sam Winston — December 1968

September 10 1991 HIVx633

Roy Williams — June 20, 1989

Buckshot Seanx633

“Buckshot” a.k.a. John Klamik — January 17, 1973

1992 Summer Pallettex633

Andrea Natalie — May 19, 1992