The Fearless Project





How do you describe your work?
When I shoot things myself or look to curate and art direct I look for something that is:

Authoritative — there is a voice that is loud and clear that you will hear, regardless if it is something you want to hear;

Raw — there is a dynamic style and feel;

Lustful — something about the model makes you want them or want to be them;

Explorative — it should be something new from a place to a person to a style;

Engaging — you have to think, it's not decorative wall art;

Sentimental — it captures a person and a place to serve as a memento.

What makes a good photograph, to you?
It should have all or some parts of the points above. I want it to speak to me in layers over time — a great photograph will cause me to stand there entranced viewing it. I see the central focus of the photo, then I see the surroundings, then the tone/feel come into play, and finally I pick up on the smaller details from the expression of the face or a smattering of random freckles or the depth or shallowness of the eyes. That's when I want to see the photo every day and discover a new meaning and relationship with it time after time.

Who are your favorite artists? And why?
Patti Smith: Music, style, writing, art ... she's done it all and proves you can do it all and don't have to worry about the reception you receive when breaking into a new industry. Agnes Martin: You can view her paintings and relax with the simplicity and minimalism, and at the same time you can lose yourself in the conceptual landscapes. Anthony Goicolea: He puts himself out there as the model in his work, and through his disguises as the model, there is always the feeling that he's playing a trick on the viewer. Mark Beard: The same way Patti is free from one medium, Mark is free from having to paint in a single style through his artist pseudonyms (Bruce Sargeant, Edith Thayer Cromwell, Peter Coulter) that create styles from 1920s Ivy League athletes to 1980s downtown New York street art.

The inaugural exhibition from "The Fearless Project" is titled "Instant" and like its name, it is here and gone in an instant: a one-night-only event. The event will take place Thursday, June 17, from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Robert Goff Gallery in New York City ( This includes viewing of the installation and a variety of programming curated exclusively for the evening. The installation features a film component and a Polaroid display featuring over 75 individual male facial expressions at orgasm. The curator not only explores the relationship between you and the subject but also the authenticity of the moment.

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