Poetry In Motion: Lesbians Take Their Words on Tour



Judgment (an excerpt)
By LOVE The Poet 

I have nothing but goodness in my chest
And as sure as my heart beats in my left breast
I sleep without rest
Because my family don’t embrace my goodness
We digress while every year continues to progress
and I begin to love this person of the same sex limitless
I am depressed.
Because whenever I discuss my love’s diligence
I see my daddy’s heartbreak with disgust
With prayers of a Holy water based ointment to
relieve me of this sickness.
He deems the people like me wicked.
Thinks that some one defiled his child’s pureness
Says that my sexuality will be the double death of me,
and my ministry miniscule until I go into the churches and be the preacher’s tool
to fool every person in the pew,
all three overflow rooms, and even the deacons in the vestibule.
Convincing them that I am a bless-ed poet and not because my words show it and not
because my walk’s fluent with a humble bop to it
But because I don’t sin.
I don’t sleep tormented by the likes of him.
Yea because
I like men
So just call me Mrs. Johnson.
Hear my words echo off of the chapel ceilings
Like who I am sleeping with is any of their business
Regardless of the fact that me and my woman don’t even have to touch hands
and I would still be indulging in the sweetness of her spirit.

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