The Golden Age of Denial: Hercules, the Bisexual Demigod

Hercules has been the icon of alpha-masculinty for centuries — do you know about his gay love life?



Above: Roman sarcophagus depicting the several of the Labors of Hercules — the defeat of the Cretan Bull and Horses of Diomedes. Sure is a lot of horn on that bull.

Mythology is a tricky business. Basically, it's gossip created by the unconscious minds of the ancients, formed into fables, then told and and retold until it barely resembles the original source material. And that's the way it should happen, because with each retelling and each revision (that sticks) it becomes closer and closer to a mythic truth that explains nature, psychology, and sexuality, among many other things.

Then two things happened that kind of ruined it for mythology: science and Christianity. Science explained the cold hard facts of the physical world, and Christianity had big issues with the freewheeling sex lives of the gods and demigods. So now we know that constellations of stars are random and unplanned, and the natural chaotic sexuality of the universe has been whitewashed by the current religious establishment.

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