Aug Sept 2016
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The Art of Kink

Vincent Keith's Mascular magazine is a work of love. He created Mascular to showcase his own work and the art and photography of men who prefer an alternative vision of sexual expression to the perfect Photoshopped images most popular in the market today. Check out the story on Keith from earlier this year for the background on his reader contribution–driven magazine. And if you enjoy the images from the latest fetish-themed issue, you can see the whole magazine on the website — it's free!

Headstrapx633 0

Matt Rose

Miguel Angelx633 0

Miguel Reyes

Trio Ofmenx633 0 0

Icons by David Gray

Bringing Darknessx633 0

Wayne Lewis

Pierced Wingsx633 0

Wayne Lewis

Fritscherx633 0

Jack Fritscher

Cat Birdx633 0

Werner Friedel

Toytrainsx633 0

Jan Grosser

Cross Process02x633 0

Daniel Marcel Schmude-Sterling

Cross Processx633 0

Daniel Marcel Schmude-Sterling

Leather Barx633 0

Leather Bar, 1977, Jim Stewart

Leather Drawingx633 0

Wim Beullens

Sploshingx633 0


Underpants Stairsx633 0

Charles Thomas Rogers
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