Artist Spotlight: E. Gibbons

Gibbons's controlled, monochromatic renderings think outside the box.




E. Gibbons has been working in the figurative mode since 1988, though his style moved away from a Matisse-like, pop-influenced style to his current, more neoclassical approach after a summer in Paris in 2004.

Since then, Gibbons has become known for his monochromatic oil paintings of the figure. Though he has a large portfolio of both male and female subjects, he has become more widely known and published for his classical works of male figures. His work can be seen in such books as 100 Artists of the Male Figure, Powerfully Beautiful, The Oil Paintings of E. Gibbons, and the premier edition of the quarterly journal, The Art of Man.

Gibbons is currently exhibited in six U.S. galleries, including the Artful Deposit of Bordentown N.J.; Lyman-Eyer of Provinceton, Maine; Rodger Lapelle of Philadelphia, Penn.; PHD Gallery of St. Louis, Mo.; Ellen Charapko Gallery of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; and J&W Gallery of New Hope, Penn. He has been included in shows in London, Puerto Vallarta, Osaka, and Egypt’s American Conciliate of Alexandria. His work titled A New Hope was donated to the Obama White House shortly after the inauguration.

This multifaceted artist is also a certified art teacher, Staples Invention Contest finalist, author of several books, composer of works for classical piano, and considered an origami master in some circles.