Artist Spotlight: Marc Ohrem-Leclef

Ohrem-Leclef juxtaposes images from two different isolated male communities to reveal similarities.



The two communities are based on nearly opposite motivations: the “jackaroos” being in it for the money, out of necessity; the wrestlers choosing an athletic pastime tied into their religious beliefs. Where they mirror one another is in that these young men immerse themselves in an environment where physicality becomes a centerpiece of their togetherness and interaction, a physicality that is inherently, and in a classic sense, masculine.

While I cannot deny a motivation to manifest some of the iconic, romantic ideas of masculinity, beauty, domination, and strength associated with my subjects in "Chasing Cows" and "Untitled, the Indian Wrestling Students", it is the questioning and dismantling of these stereotypical notions that makes the photographic journey complete for me.

Choosing environments that are characterized by some form of isolation helps me confront my own romanticized perceptions regarding my subjects. Absent outside distractions, I can deeply absorb the dynamics and forces that move them.