Artist Spotlight: Christopher Sousa

More like still lifes than figure studies, Sousa's lads have an Edwardian tilt to their top hats.



The Way I Always Dreamed It Would Be is really great. Are you doing more video of your models? And do you use photography as part of your process?
I've always painted from photographs. It's just a matter of practicality for me. I can't afford to pay a model for the 10 to 20 hours it may take me to complete a painting. And with photos you don't have to deal with coordinating schedules, changing lighting, etc. I shoot digital photos and take some Polaroids as well. I like the soft muted tones produced by Polaroid film.

"A" Gallery, where I show in Provincetown, asks each of their artists to produce a video to show alongside their work during exhibits. I have made two videos so far and it's been interesting. It's not something I feel particularly adept at, but I'm enjoying learning the process and I'm looking forward to creating something to screen during my show in July. The process has been quite different in that with the photos I take for my paintings, I'm very focused and have clear, preconceived ideas about what I want. With video, I try to interact minimally with the model and just let things occur organically, see what happens. It's actually a lot of fun.