Artist Spotlight: Sara Swaty

In Swaty's series 'In Between & Outside,' gender is represented as both a fluid, relaxed, and creative expression as well as a more tense and exploratory transition.




“I see gender as very individual. We each have our own special mix of yin and yang, especially within our spirit. For some, gender is fluid; for others, it is pretty static. It is a gift to be born trans, to experience both in one lifetime, and to express both to the world.

“I began taking testosterone on April 21, 2011. I took this step after thinking about it for two years, and the decision was, in the end, a very simple one. Did I want to keep thinking about what I could become — a happier, fuller, more complete and whole version of myself? Or did I want to actually become that person? I had to honor my true self, and now I have two birthdays.”