Aug Sept 2016
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Artist Spotlight: George Hurrell

Gay artist and writer Mark A. Vieira's book George Hurrell's Hollywood connects golden age photographer Hurrell's story to both Hollywood and gay history. The book is a treasure trove of Hurrell images. It's also a frank biography of the artist, with revelations about his personal life and his art-world  dealings. Interesting information is gleaned from exclusive interviews with Hurrell intimates such as gay film director Paul Morrissey. Some of it comes from Viera's 1970s diary entries. None of it has been published.

The story of Hurrell's comeback is inextricably linked with gay history. He was rediscovered by the gay writer John Kobal. Vieira met both  Hurrell and Kobal through Los Angeles movie-still collectors, all of whom were gay, and many of whom exacted quid pro quo from young men  looking for work in the film industry. Vieira describes the inner workings of this society in detail.

With a foreword by Sharon Stone, Vieira's book gives deep insight into not only the people that Hurrell photographed but his meticulous techniques and working habits.

Hurrell worked with the era's biggest names — both on-screen and behind-the-scenes luminaries. Many were gay, bi, or just plain ambitious: Ramon Novarro, Greta Garbo, William Haines, Gilbert Adrian, Marie Dressler, Cedric Gibbons, first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Clifton Webb, Tallulah Bankhead, Barbara Stanwyck, Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and Anna May Wong.

In both text and photos, the book pays special attention to Hurrell's most stellar muses: Joan Crawford, Norma Shearer, and Jean Harlow.

George Hurrell's Hollywood will be published  November 5 by Running Press

Find the book on Amazon here.

01 Ramon Novarro By Hurrell 1929x633 0

Ramon Novarro, 1929

02 Marie Dressler By Hurrell 1931x633 0

Marie Dressler, 1931

03 Johnny Weissmuller By Hurrell 1932x633 0

Johnny Weissmuller, 1932

04 Norma Shearer By Hurrell 1935x633 0

Norma Shearer, 1935

05 Anna May Wong By Hurrell 1938x633 0

Anna May Wong, 1938

06 John Payne By Hurrell 1939x633 0

John Payne, 1939

07 Errol Flynn By Hurrell 1939x633 0

Errol Flynn, 1939

08 Bette Davis By Hurrell 1941x633 0

Bette Davis, 1941

09 Joan Beofre An Afterx633 0

Rare images of Joan Crawford, before and after retouching.

10 John Kobal By Hurrell 1970x633 0

John Kobal, 1970

11 George Hurrell And Mark A Vieira 1976x633 0

George Hurrell and Mark A.Vieira, 1976

12 Aretha Franklin By Hurrell 1980x633 0

Aretha Franklin, 1980

13 Grace Jones And Dolph Lundgren By Hurrell 1984x633 0

Grace Jones and Dolph Lundgren, 1984