Artist Spotlight: Taylor Smith

Like found objects or the marks and stains of human existence, Smith's work has a seemingly accidental beauty.



Chemical Abstract #35, 30" x 22"; acrylic, charcoal, and wine on paper

What do you hope to convey through your work?
I think ultimately I am hoping to leave my mark in this world. That fascinates me. Creativity, discovery, and technology fascinate me.

Within my work, I try to blend my own contemporary interpretation of abstraction with elements of traditional still life and portraiture. Mathematics, organic chemistry, mechanics, photography, and pop culture also play a role in my path from conception to completion. Much of my recent work explores the relationship between abstraction and the ordered world of still life and traditional portraiture. My love of the female form has also greatly informed my work in recent years. My intention lately has been to blend abstraction and traditional painting with elements of eroticism, chemistry, and mechanics to create an unexpected and moving experience. This work is my mark.