Artist Spotlight: Taylor Smith

Like found objects or the marks and stains of human existence, Smith's work has a seemingly accidental beauty.



Faster Pussycat! … Love, Love! 24" x 24"; oil, acrylic, and pencil on canvas

Tell us about the paintings you create involving women?
I often alternate between painting imagined self-portraits and portraits of those women I have had significant relationships with. In many of the works, I will obscure the face to draw the viewer in closer as they attempt to understand what is missing and fill in the empty spaces on their own. I also feel that painting the female figure more loosely allows for greater exploration, not only by myself but also on the part of the viewer. There are questions to be answered and the uncomfortable space creates an underlying tension, often a sexual tension, and that is really what I am hoping to achieve. Most of us experience that sexual tension when we are with someone who fascinates us. I want my paintings of women to fascinate and create emotion.

See more of Smith's work on her website and her Facebook page.