Richard Renaldi Hotel Room Portraits

Richard Renaldi: Hotel Room Portraits

Renaldi's simple ritual of a photographic record of his hotel stays with his partner creates a warm portait of intimacy.

Artist Spotlight Frederic Leighton

Artist Spotlight: Frederic Leighton

History often erases the sexual identity of artists and writers. Sir Frederick Leighton left a few clues.

Artist Spotlight on Jeremy Kost

Artist Spotlight: Jeremy Kost

Kost gives an updated spin to two of Andy Warhol's favorite mediums — Polaroids and drag queens.

Artist Spotlight on Lorenzo Triburgo

Artist Spotlight: Lorenzo Triburgo

Portland-based artist Lorenzo Triburgo focuses on gender representation in his work. His "Transportraits" are beautifully saturated in both color and content.

Artist Spotlight Philip Bonneau

Artist Spotlight: Philip Bonneau

Bonneau shares the latest edition of his work, Heroes + Villains. With household props, he builds your (fantasy) character.

Artist Spotlight G. Elliott Simpson

Artist Spotlight: G. Elliott Simpson

In a Halloween mood, it seemed like a good time to take another look at G. Elliot Simpson's dark visions.

Artist Spotlight Harwood Lee

Artist Spotlight: Harwood Lee

Lee's costumes range from sexy beasts to Old Navy kids. Let Lee's work be a great inspiration for your own Halloween madness.

Artist Spotlight Kevin Wada

Artist Spotlight: Kevin Wada

Wada's pen is not poison, but this fashion illustrator's nib is very sharp.

Artist Spotlight Polly Guo

Artist Spotlight: Polly Guo

Guo has a fluid, contemporary style and a fondness for a sweet embrace.

Artist Spotlight George Dureau

Artist Spotlight: George Dureau

Dureau's photographs of New Orleans locals have a compassionate, collaborative quality.

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