Artist Spotlight Joel Otterson

Artist Spotlight: Joel Otterson

Otterson's work ranges from high-style Liberace to Shaker-like simplicity and workmanship.

Artist Spotlight George Stavrinos

Artist Spotlight: George Stavrinos

In the 1970s, master draughtsman Stavrinos made fashion illustration fashionable again. And then there are the beautifully rendered men.

Artist Spotlight Jansson Stegner

Artist Spotlight: Jansson Stegner

Subversive and wry, Stegner's gender-fluid cops and athletes exist in a pastoral deamland.

Ryan Grant Longs History of Gay Love

Love, Historically

Like you always wanted Classics Illustrated comics to do, Ryan Grant Long's calendar project brings historical gay romances to life.

Crimes Against Love Memorializes Victims of Homophobic Murders in Brazil

Crimes Against Love

Artworks that memorialize victims of homophobic murders in Brazil make up Cyriaco Lopes's current exhibit.

Artist Spotlight on Martin Jan van Santen

Artist Spotlight: Martin-Jan van Santen

Van Santen dropped out of a successful career to devote his life to painting.

Artist Spotlight on Jeanne Mammen

Artist Spotlight: Jeanne Mammen

Jeanne Mammen captured the powerful and sensual aspects of women during Weimar era Germany.

The Edwardians Henry Scott Tuke

What Summer Looked Like for Henry Scott Tuke

Tuke's summery, naturalistic paintings of young men were admired by John Singer Sargent, Oscar Wilde, and other notable gay men of his day.

Artist Spotlight on Keith Perelli

Artist Spotlight: Keith Perelli

Lush and complex figurative work from a New Orleans native.

Artist Update on Alexander Guerra

Artist Update: Alexander Guerra

The leporine Guerra, a previous Artist Spotlight contributor, sends us an update on his newest work, "Parice in Wonderland" and "Toxic Bunny."

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