The Gay Men Project

Kevin Truong has amassed thousands of photos of gay men all over the world, proving there is an activism in just existing openly.



Jacob and Hayden, Musician and Musician/Director, Los Angeles
Jacob, in his own words: “Being gay is AMAZING. It means I can wear cutoff shorts and a lady wig to a club and nobody will think anything of it. I haven’t tried it yet, but I appreciate the option."


Andy and Mark, with their son, Ben, Baltimore
Andy, in his own words: “We have been together 18 years, or as I like to joke, 10 happy years.

“I was in the audience when I first spotted Mark, playing the role of Mother Abbess in a campy version of The Sound of Music. Wearing a habit, Mark brought down the house with his falsetto rendition of 'Climb Every Mountain.' You’ve got to find the life you were born to live.”

“I came out late, tragically and comically looking into all kinds of conversion programs before coming to terms with my sexuality while in graduate school at UNC-Chapel Hill. With two gay sisters, Mark came out earlier to himself but to his parents only after meeting me.

“In 2001, Mark and I returned from Vietnam with our 5-month-old son, Ben. Shy with adults but popular with his peers, Ben is bright, athletic, and an expert on advanced weapons systems. Mark created the coolest back yard in Baltimore for Ben, complete with trampoline, zip line, treehouse and water slide. Our house is always filled with the sounds of young boys laughing, having gun battles or discussing the latest Bond film.

“My dad moved in last year, adding a third loving generation to the family.”


Tim, Engineer, New York City
Tim, in his own words: “A ship is safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are made for.”

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