The Gay Men Project

Kevin Truong has amassed thousands of photos of gay men all over the world, proving there is an activism in just existing openly.



George, Painter, New York City
George, in his own words: “I would imagine that for other gay men, the fact that they 'happen to be gay' might be more of a non-issue. But for me, I came to NYC years ago to help me more fully realize my attraction for visual arts. What I’ve found this to look like is a search for Beauty, and an overwhelming desire to make things that I feel are Beautiful, and then to show those things to others."


Kechi, Designer, New York City
Kechi, in his own words: “Being gay is the ultimate quest of finding self-worth with or without the validation of outside sources. Be it family, peers, society, etc. Just as well it means knowing who you are, what you’re about, and what you are capable of despite what the world and your current situation tells you."

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