The Photos The Vatican Didn't Want Italy To See

Gonzalo Orquín's gallery photographs of same-sex couples caused a small crisis in the Vatican. The show moves to the Leslie-Lohman Museum April 30.




See the letter from the Vatican and the translation below:

"We have learned from the press that you are planning soon to open an exhibition with the title 'Trialogo', comprising a number of pictures that are not approved by the competent church authorities, showing expressions of affection that do not belong in a place of worship. In accordance with the law, we herewith formally caution the gallery for contemporary art not to show photos or images which are offensive and harmful to the religious feelings of individuals, to the nature of worship in the Church and to the official religious Confession.

"We warn that if the present caution is not punctually complied with, the Church authorities will not hesitate to have full recourse to the law and in particular to take action in the competent legal courts in order to protect all legal interests and violated rights."

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