PHOTOS: Humanizing the Hookup

Adam Moco's Tryst Pic Project puts a twist in hooking up.




Age: 25
Location: London
About: Freelance contemporary dance artist

When I made it to James's flat, or at least I thought I had, I quickly got the feeling that I was lost. Turned out I had the wrong address. Thank goodness I had some credit left on my phone from Berlin and called James and tried to describe where I was. The sweetheart left his place and walked 10 minutes to come find me, and I'm so happy he did. We got along really well and ended up hanging out that evening and talking about our love for RuPaul's Drag Race (that he had just recently discovered!) over a bottle of wine at Shoreditch House. James is an incredible contemporary dance artist. Check out this beautiful video of a project he worked on called Terrarium.

Tags: Photography