Aug Sept 2016
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In the Galleries: Pierre et Gilles' 'Heros'

In the Galleries: Pierre et Gilles' 'Heros'

For their first exhibition at Galerie Daniel Templon, duo Pierre et Gilles are unveiling a series of previously unseen works on the theme of the hero.

The exhibition features a gallery of portraits, with subjects ranging from heroic figures of ancient mythology such as Achilles and Prometheus to superheroes of popular culture and fiction. We also encounter a number of contemporary heroes, such as a young rebel from the Arab Spring and a happy couple, sporting the artists’ features, celebrating a same-sex marriage.

Internationally renowned artists Pierre et Gilles have been producing works together since 1976, creating a world where painting and photography meet. Their art is peopled by their friends and family, anonymous and famous (including Zahia Dehar, Arielle Dombasle, Isabelle Huppert, and Marc Jacobs), who appear in sophisticated life-size sets the artists build in their studio. Working from this initial stage, they meticulously apply paint to the photograph once printed on canvas, whose original frame is designed as an extension of the work.

A catalog will be published to accompany the "Héros" exhibition. It will be available at the gallery and in bookshops. The exhibit will run through May 31.

Galerie Daniel Templon
30 rue Beaubourg (entrance in courtyard)
75003 Paris

Johnny Guitarx63 0 0

Johnny Guitar (model: Matthieu Charneau), 2012

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Orestex633 0

Oreste (model: Staiv Gentis), 2013

Octobrex633 0

Octobre (model: Thomas Tabti), 2011

Printemp Arabx633 0

Le Printemps Arabe (model: Tahar Bouali), 2011

Achillex633 0

Achille (model: Staiv Gentis), 2011

Duxiemex633 0

Deuxième Sous-sol (model: Ahmed Zerari), 2012

Narcissex633 0

Narcisse (model: Matthieu Charneau), 2012

Pierre Et Gillex633 0

Le Mariage Pour Tous (models: Pierre et Gilles), 2013