Artist Spotlight Nicola Verlato

Artist Spotlight: Nicola Verlato

"What catches my eye is what catches the eyes of everyone else: bodies in motion."

Androgyne Dreams

Margo Selski: Androgyne Dreams

What’s a mother to do when her 12-year-old son has a passion for long hair and lovely dresses? If she’s surrealist artist Margo Selski, she lets him pose as the subject of her fantastical paintings in the exhibition “Hitherto and Henceforth."

Artist Spotlight Christian Oita

Artist Spotlight: Christian Oita

There is both a timeless elegance and gritty coolness in Oita's portraits of young men. The young fashion photographer has a thing for bringing old-timers back into the frame.

Artist Spotlight Stanley Stellar

Artist Spotlight: Stanley Stellar

For over 35 years, Stanley Stellar has been seeing and recording. Living and working in New York City can bombard the senses, but Stellar always finds what is worth noticing in the clutter.

Artist Spotlight Gregory Prescott

Artist Spotlight: Gregory Prescott

Prescott doesn't seek out his models. They come to him, as they can be assured of striking, simple work that shows them to their best advantage.

Artist Spotlight Haikal Noyes

Artist Spotlight: Haikal Noyes

Noyes's self-portraits create a multitude of selves — from the sublimely silly to the poetic and contemplative and finally to the raw and sensuous.

Artist Spotlight Richard Haines

Artist Spotlight: Richard Haines

Richard Haines makes it look so easy and effortless that you want to try it yourself. His very popular fashion work, erotica, and portraits are deceptively simple and sensitive at the same time.

Hot Male Models Back Marriage Equality

The Men of Marriage Equality

Check out the gorgeous male models who signed artist Shepard Fairey's "Defend Equality, Love Unites" poster, proceeds from which will be used to fight for marriage equality.

Artist Spotlight John Fallon

Artist Spotlight: John Fallon

Fallon's ability to marry thought-provoking imagery with sometimes unusual situations asks viewers to reexamine their boundaries and step into the unknown.

Andrew Oldershaw Prolixus Luminis March 11

Prolixus Luminis

Aspiring photographer Andrew Oldershaw takes a break from his day job to have some fun with the camera and share his favorite photo of the week with

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