PHOTOS: The Fairoaks Project

PHOTOS: The Fairoaks Project

Photographer Frank Melleno must have intuited the once-in-a-lifetime magic of the moment when he took these candid Polaroid pictures at the Fairoaks Hotel.

Artist Spotlight Andrea Vecchiato

Artist Spotlight: Andrea Vecchiato

When casting a shoot for a male nude exhibit, Vecchiato says he simply let his subjects come to him. The results cultivated honesty and raw human instinct.

Artist Spotlight Greg Endries

Artist Spotlight: Greg Endries

Endries's work has been exhibited internationally in magazines ranging from Black Book to Black Inches. He likes pretty things, ugly places, and creative types that will let it rip.

Artist Spotlight Yves De Brabander

Artist Spotlight: Yves De Brabander

A Belgian photographer likes to capture emotion, honesty, and grit in his minimalist photos.

Artist Spotlight Lope Navo

Artist Spotlight: Lope Navo

Emerging photographer Lope Navo loves shooting landscapes, architecture, and muscly guys.

The Fearless Project

The Fearless Project

A Polaroid camera and a bunch of men on the verge of orgasm set the stage for Justin Violini's "Fearless Project."

Artist Spotlight Mauricio Lemonk

Artist Spotlight: Mauricio Lemonk

Lemonk plays with color, emotion, and texture, with a splash of sexiness, to create a surrealist world.

Museum Man Larry Wheeler

Night at the Museum

North Carolina Museum of Art director Larry Wheeler managed an $80 million expansion in the middle of a recession and has gone head-to-head with Jesse Helms. No wonder he's widely considered the unofficial mayor of Raleigh.

Rashaad Newsome En Vogue

Rashaad Newsome, en Vogue

Rashaad Newsome has mastered photography, video, and performance art — and now, with an exhibition at the Whitney Museum's Biennial, he tackles the art of vogue.

Artist Spotlight Syed Kazmi

Artist Spotlight: Syed Kazmi

What do you get when you mix fencing, blindfolds, and a blow-dryer? Step inside the imagination of photographer Syed Kazmi.

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