Artist Spotlight Dewey Arsee
February 18 2011 5:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Dewey Arsee Editors

Arsee's ceramics draw on both high and lowbrow culture — from Greek vases to Wedgwood china to souvenir tchotchkes. Arsee likes that they have everyday uses: "You could even eat off it."

Kim Christys Lost World
February 12 2011 5:00 AM ET

Kim Christy's Lost World

Christopher Harrity

From Catholic boy to showgirl to soccer grandpa in So. Cal, Kim Christy has lived more than a few lives. These photos from his upcoming book project show a pre-Stonewall world of drag balls and cross-dressing — when it was still a crime.

Artist Spotlight Philip Pirolo
February 05 2011 4:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Philip Pirolo

Advocate Contributors

Pirolo's sculpture invests a simple curve with a luscious sexual charge, and his photography is practically fragrant. An entire universe can be discovered in a follicle.

Artist Spotlight Yeni Mao
January 29 2011 4:30 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Yeni Mao Editors

Quizzical and witty, Mao's work is informed by lost history and myth. Power and masculinity are explored in both symbol and anatomy.

Artist Spotlight John Arsenault
January 21 2011 6:45 PM ET

Artist Spotlight: John Arsenault Editors

Arsenault's landscapes, self-portraits, and still-life imagery form a diary of his experiences and his view of the world.

Artist Spotlight Aaron Smith
January 15 2011 5:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Aaron Smith

Christopher Harrity

Smith's fascination with the 19th century and all things tonsorial manifests in canvases thick with neo-fauvist color.

Peeping Tim
January 12 2011 5:00 AM ET

Peeping Tim

Advocate Contributors

Tim Hailand’s all-access photo books offer an intimate glimpse into the private worlds of Jake Shears and Rufus Wainwright.

Artist Spotlight Best of 2010
December 25 2010 4:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Best of 2010

Albert Smith has been proud to present a wide variety of visual representations of our world from contemporary artists and photographers. Here is a small selection of our favorites from this year,  ranging from the lushly sensual to the starkly confrontational.

Artist Spotlight Bradford Rogne
December 18 2010 4:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Bradford Rogne

Albert Smith

Rogne says he feels lucky to have made a career out of elements he enjoys so much: fun, kitschy locations, colorful clothes and accessories, glam girls, and beautiful guys.

William Burroughs Objects from The Bunker
December 11 2010 4:00 AM ET

William Burroughs: Objects From the Bunker

Albert Smith

Peter Ross's photographs of William S. Burroughs's possessions from his still-intact apartment present a quirky biography of the Beat writer.

Artist Spotlight Ross Watson
December 04 2010 5:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Ross Watson

Albert Smith

Making art is an all-consuming passion for this Melbourne artist inspired by Caravaggio and Vermeer.

Artist Spotlight Traver Rains
November 13 2010 5:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Traver Rains

Albert Smith

Rains takes care of all the elements himself — from sets and props to makeup and hair. It all adds up to a highly individual look.

Artists Spotlight Tomoaki Hata
November 06 2010 4:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Tomoaki Hata

Albert Smith

The photographer tells us, "I really did not choose drag queens as subjects, they chose me."