Artist Spotlight Jenn Kennedy
January 09 2010 12:20 PM ET Editors

Jenn Kennedy left a corporate job ten years ago to focus on taking pictures of the things she finds fascinating and beautiful -- including redheads and ladies.

Top Advocate Photos of the Year
January 06 2010 11:20 AM ET

Photos of the Year Editors

From Olympic gold medalist Matthew Mitcham to comedian Wanda Sykes, take a look back at some of most memorable photos from the pages of The Advocate in 2009. 

Artist Spotlight Christopher Dibble
December 25 2009 11:00 AM ET Editors

Los Angeles photographer Christopher Dibble stops time to capture change as it happens with his lens. We stop, caught by the beauty of his images.

Marriage Equality Gets Remixed
December 18 2009 7:55 PM ET

Marriage Equality Gets Remixed Editors

FAIR has teamed with deviantART to sponsor an art contest based on graphic remixes of Shepard Fairey’s renowned marriage equality poster “Defend Equality Love Unites."

Artist Spotlight Toky
December 11 2009 11:00 AM ET Editors

From architecture, music and design to photography, Toky is a man of many talents. But his favorite thing to do is simply capture a great image.

Artist Spotlight Nicolas Urquiza
November 26 2009 12:00 AM ET

Advocate Contributors

Argentinean-born artist Nicolas Urquiza is known for his risqué photo shoots — and the pictures he shares here are no exception. 

Shut Your Facebook
November 24 2009 3:30 PM ET

Shut Your Facebook

Matthew Hays

Leif Harmsen isn't just anti-Facebook — he's so against the social networking site, the gay artist has created a "Shut Your Facebook" T-shirt line just to drive the point home.

The Kids Are All Right
November 21 2009 7:15 AM ET

The Kids Are All Right

Mike Albo

Photographer Jeffrey Kilmer has dedicated the last seven years to capturing the awkwardness, rebellion, and personal style of young men across the country and around the world. His book, 23% PURE, is a collection of hot guys, far and wide.

Fairey Good
November 13 2009 6:45 PM ET

Fairey Good

Neal Broverman

Shepherd Fairey helped raise funds for the LGBT community at the Shepard Fairey Equality Project.

People Power
November 12 2009 11:00 AM ET

People Power

Jon Barrett

It was the next generation of activists who kick-started the National Equality March with a flash mob -- and it was 23-year-old David Valk who rallied the troops. spends a day on the ground with Valk in DC.

Caught in the Crossfire
October 12 2009 10:00 PM ET

Caught in the Crossfire

Advocate Contributors

These servicemembers put their lives on the line.

Best of the Bicons
September 23 2009 6:45 PM ET

Michelle Garcia

In honor of Celebrate Bisexuality Day, we're highlighting our favorite artistic females who put the B in LGBT.

Photo Exclusive: Men in Motion
September 17 2009 3:55 PM ET

Photo Exclusive: Men in Motion Editors

Acclaimed photographer François Rousseau explores the innate eroticism of dancers, their mental focus, and their muscular bodies in his book Men in Motion: The Art and Passion of the Male Dancer. Here’s an exclusive first look.

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