Agent Provocateur
March 10 2010 9:00 AM ET

Advocate Contributors

Twenty years ago the work of Robert Mapplethorpe was censored in Cincinnati, setting the stage for a national discourse on the nature of art.

Artist Spotlight Steven Miller
March 06 2010 5:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight Steven Miller

Albert Smith

Steven Miller likes to put his subjects in unusual predicaments—and then photograph the outcome.

The Art of the Possible
March 02 2010 7:10 PM ET

Ryan Holman

Alex Blas joins hundreds of other artists for the four-day Manifest Equality event, an intersection of art and activism he says has the power to mobilize change. Check out his work here.

Artist Spotlight Kevin Amato
February 27 2010 2:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight Kevin Amato

Albert Smith

From sidewalk staring to street casting, photographer Kevin Amato says he finds beauty everywhere he looks.

Susan Mikula Finds Beauty in America
February 24 2010 3:45 PM ET Editors

Artist Susan Mikula balances life—with partner Rachel Maddow—with art; and her latest photography show opens Thursday in San Francisco. Check out highlights of Mikula's work here.

Spencer Tunick Heads Down Under
February 16 2010 9:45 PM ET

Spencer Tunick Heads Down Under

Neal Broverman

Artist and photographer Spencer Tunick talks about his latest project — capturing 2,000 naked people at the Sydney Opera House during one of the largest gay pride celebrations in the world.

Artist Spotlight: Kevin Slack
February 13 2010 7:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Kevin Slack

Albert Smith

Kevin Slack continues to uncover the restless and vital spirit of Cuba and Cuban men.

Art Spotlight Jeff Sheng Dont Ask Dont Tell
February 09 2010 9:20 PM ET

Art Spotlight Jeff Sheng Dont Ask Dont Tell Editors

Jeff Sheng turns his camera lens on Lt. Dan Choi (who was arrested Thursday after chaining himself to the White House gates) and other gay service members for his photography book on "don't ask, don't tell"

Artist Spotlight Didio
February 06 2010 7:00 AM ET

Albert Smith

São Paulo photographer Didio says he enjoys observing the daily life of normal men. If these photographs tell us anything, it's that Brazil has raised the bar on what defines normal.

Artist Spotlight Tiger Munson
January 29 2010 5:40 PM ET

Albert Smith

From his series on gay bar restrooms to action figure headshots, photographer Tiger Munson says he wants his work to create a lasting testament to beauty of the moment as both a participant, and an observer.

Artist Spotlight Tyrus Rochell Townsend
January 22 2010 2:00 PM ET

Albert Smith

Photographer Tyrus Rochell Townsend catches small but beautiful urban moments with his camera so that he can give them back to us.

Artist Spotlight Alix Smith
January 16 2010 2:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight Alix Smith Editors

With her new project States of Union, photographer Alix Smith gives a sense of legacy and context to her portraits of gay and lesbian families by referencing classical works.

Artist Spotlight Jenn Kennedy
January 09 2010 12:20 PM ET Editors

Jenn Kennedy left a corporate job ten years ago to focus on taking pictures of the things she finds fascinating and beautiful -- including redheads and ladies.