Op-ed: What the Camera Doesn’t Show

The star of BearCity and BearCity 2: The Proposal explains what goes into creating BearWeek in Provincetown in the wake of a hurricane.



On another instance, we illegally, and as quietly as possible, filmed more pick ups with my boyfriend, and a handful of scruffy middle aged men, in my actual NYC apartment’s shower, made infamous in the first film. We added cameos by Dan Choi (pictured), Kevin Smith, my fellow OUT 100’er Mike Ruiz and Frank DeCaro – who I’m priveledged to not only have brought on board but also to have become aquainted with he and his hubby Jim over these past months after appearing on Frank’s Sirius Radio Show a few times.

Sound was mixed and designed, Doug listened endlessly to myriad of submitted songs for the film’s soundtrack, and color was corrected so that the footage from the three different cameras we used, matched.

Those 10 months, and the many preceeding, culminated this month with BearWeek 2012.

BearCity 2: The Proposal appropriately ran in previews in Provincetown during its legendary BearWeek. This world renowned event is the setting for the movie, so it’s been a seredipitous experience to have the partakers of BearWeek as the film’s first audience.

After a few minor fixes with sound and editing and titles, the film would screen at this year’s Outfest in Los Angeles at the magnificant Ford Amphitheatre nestled into the Hollywood Hills just below the iconic Hollywood sign. It’s an honor to bring the distinctive beach town, referred to as “Problems Town” by its seasonal residents, to the west coast to celebrate the film’s world premier.

While watching the film with its first audiences, I looked back on the journey with complete gratitude: the droves of extras that came to Provincetown and NYC from all over the U.S. and Canada to be part of the film, the bond I’ve formed with Doug, and every other infinitisimal aspect of the production. I really think we’ve created a beautifully funny and touching film that will far exceed the impact of the first film.

Hearing the uproarious laughter and watching tears fall from the eyes of strapping and full figured men made the journey even more special. Just as special as “Problems Town” itself and the many memories and people that unique beach town and this film have brought into my life.


GERALD McCULLOUCH is an award-winning filmmaker best known for playing Bobby Dawson on CSI for 10 seasons and for his starring role in the hit gay indie BearCity. Last year he was honored by Out magazine as one of the Out 100. His production company, Hard G Productions, currently has a spectrum of projects including All Male All Nude (a feature documentary and series on one of America's all-male, all-nude gay strip clubs), an animated feature titled Froggot, a stage adaptation of Robert Fulghum's All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, and the film version of the hit play Daddy. Follow Gerald on Twitter @ItsAHardG. BearCity 2 is on Twitter at @BearCity and online at http://www.bearcity2.com.

The movie plays at The Castro in San Francisco on Sunday at11:30, 2:00, 4:30, 7:00 and 9:25. And it will also screen on September 15 in Oslo, Norway in the Oslo LGBT International Film Festival, where the first film, BearCity, won the Audience Award for best feature film.