Top 10: Broadway's Best Cast Albums Ever



FALSETTOS COVER X560 | ADVOCATE.COM6. West Side Story (The Original Sound Track Recording) (1961)

So what if no one did their own singing in this movie? (Before you get all nasty in the comment section, I am well aware that Rita Moreno’s voice was used in “America” and Russ Tamblyn was allowed to sing “Gee, Officer Krupke!” Sheesh.) The movie version of West Side Story took the nearly flawless score from the Broadway production and perfected it. Letting the boys join in “America” gave the number a stronger dynamic (not to mention some sexy male dancers), and swapping “Krupke” with “Cool” put the humor and the drama where they should have been all along. Dubbed or not, all of the voices on this disc are lovely, and the “Quintet” (which is technically a quartet since Maria and Tony sing the same part) gives me chills every time I hear it.