Our Picks for Trans Young Adult Fiction

Five top novels for young adult -- and not-so-young adult -- readers looking for stories about the lives of young trans people



Freak Show by James St. James (Dutton; 2007)

James St. James's
story of a teenage drag queen at an uptight private
academy is the classic tale of an outcast wanting
acceptance. Our hero, Billy Bloom, however, wants to
be homecoming queen. St. James's irreverent humor and
lively writing make this an endearing and entertaining
read that shirks the idea of being confined to a label of

Choir Boy by Charlie Anders (Soft Skull Press; 2005)

Berry, a
12-year-old church choir darling, is starting to notice the
effect of puberty where it matters most to him: his voice.
After a botched attempt to castrate himself, he
decided to use hormones intended for men transitioning
to women to keep his high vocal range. The story
may seem cartoonish, but this Lambda Literary Award
winner's emotional, sexual nature may be best for older

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