Our Picks for Trans Young Adult Fiction

Five top novels for young adult -- and not-so-young adult -- readers looking for stories about the lives of young trans people



Parrotfish by Ellen Wittlinger (Simon & Schuster; 2007)

awkwardness in being a girl prompts her to chop her hair,
tie down her breasts, wear boys clothes, and change
her name to Grady. While his family is hurt and his
best friend ignores him, Grady finds support in a geek
and a popular older student. Meanwhile, he writes a report
on parrotfish, which are naturally able to change

Morgan in the Mirror by C.C. Saint-Clair (BookMakers Ink; 2004)

Morgan is a
23-year-old post-chest-op trans man who has been able
to pass as male for most of his life. Eventually he
makes the decision to make the full transition.
Saint-Clair steps away from lesbian subject matter to
delve into the topic of gender dysphoria.

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