Must-have Manga

With so many genres to choose from, where’s a manga newbie to start? Here, a selection of exceptional manga to launch your obsession.

BY Caroline Ryder

September 23 2008 11:00 PM ET

Bond(z) |

YURI ESSENTIALSYuri Monogatari (ALC) Play around without
making a commitment with Yuri Monogatari, an
annual anthology of excerpted yuri manga from around the

Love My Life (Shodensha) The manga that
spawned a popular Japanese feature film, it follows
lesbian college student Ichiko as she learns about her
father’s true sexual orientation -- and
discovers her deceased mother was gay.

BEST-SELLING YAOIYellow, Volume 1 (Digital Manga Publishing)
Straight macho man Taki forms a crime-fighting duo with gay
Goh. But can Goh keep his feelings under control?

Bond(z) (801 Media) This compilation
of yaoi love stories has obsession and secrecy as common
themes. The graphic illustrations give Bond(z) an 18+

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