I wanted my songs to have positive empowering messages, especially to women so they could feel strong and speak for themselves. My father dominated our household and I didn’t want to feel weak.

Makes me that much stronger
Makes me work a little bit harder
Makes me that much wiser
So thanks for making me a fighter
Made me learn a little bit faster
Made my skin a little bit thicker
Makes me that much smarter
So thanks for making me a fighter

Sometimes people try to put their negativity on you. I was telling one person in particular, at that time, that he couldn’t haunt me.

After all of the fights and the lies
Guess you're wanting to haunt me
But that won't work anymore.

It was very freeing.

I try to write lyrics and music that people can relate to and that help them to find personal strength. I try to communicate universal ideas and thoughts that help them to get through the day or the year a bit better.

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