There's a New Hunk in Riverdale




heard from various gay leaders and groups, I would guess.
Yes, no
names or anything, but they’re thrilled. Everybody, gay or straight,
loves Archie. So the fact that we’ve included Kevin in that world they
love, they’re very pleased.

That’s one of the things I think we
all love about Archie and Riverdale. They’re so ...


That’s been our intention from the start. Everybody is
welcome. That means everybody.

Any plans to do a big launch for
number 202, the issue that introduces Kevin?

We’d like to.
We’re still brainstorming about it. The uncontrived publicity the
character is generating has been pretty good on its own, though. So
we’ll see.

Now, when Kevin rebuffs Veronica, will it be a big

No. When Kevin defeats Jughead in a burger-eating contest,
Veronica will think he’s amazing and become interested in him. It’ll be
funny and there will be confusion, but Kevin will ultimately just let
her down easy.

For years I’ve heard about a live-action Archie
movie. Is that still something you’d like to see happen.

I think
we’re pretty close with a screenplay. We were disappointed with the Josie and the Pussycats movie a few years back. It was a little
too ... suggestive for our demographic. We’d like to do something more in
the spirit of the comic.

And we can assume, if there’s a film,
that Kevin Keller will be in it?

Of course. That’s the thing
everybody loves about Archie comics and Archie’s world. Once you’re in,
you’re in. So, Kevin? Yeah, man, he’s a part of the Riverdale family
from now on.

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