Maggie Griffin: Out of the Box



MAGGIE GRIFFIN 5 X390 (GETTY IMAGES) | ADVOCATE.COMI was at the anti-Proposition 8 rally you spoke at in 2008. The crowd
was very excited that you were there. What do you remember about that

Oh, that was great. They were so nice to me. I had a
wheelchair and two really nice guys wheeling me around. The rally was
wonderful. I’m not like Kathy. I can’t just get up there and be free
and easy. I’ve never done that. But I got up there especially for the
parents and families of gays, to ask them to accept their kids. I want
them to stick up for them and be there for them. That was my role and I
was proud to do it. I think gay marriage is eventually going to happen.

just turned 90, and you look terrific and your health is great. What’s
your secret for living such a long life and looking and feeling so good?

my gosh. I wish I had secrets. First of all, I’ve had a real happy
life. I had wonderful parents and siblings and a wonderful family. My
husband and I were together 65 years and we laughed. I think humor
keeps you younger. I think that if you can laugh and get over things
and make fun of yourself and not take life so seriously, that’s real
good therapy.

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