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His back was toward me and all I saw was George’s bubble ass slowly
being lathered by his massive hands. George was dark, like a chocolate
Hershey bar. His entire body was the same color.

No imperfections.

His muscles rippled as he washed under his arms and reached around to his back and ass.

Watching him I started to get an erection. I couldn’t help it. The sight of George’s nakedness caused my loins to stir.

Then George turned around and faced me. His six-pack abs were on display along with his long and dark dick.

He smiled and nodded at me before I could turn away. I was embarrassed.
My dick was fully erect. I grabbed my erection and quickly turned away. I
fled the shower and rushed toward my locker. I dressed quickly. George
walked by and smiled at me. I put my head down and pulled on my sweater.
I was trying to get out of there.


“Hey,” George said standing in front of me with the towel wrapped around his body.  

I stuffed my feet into my sneakers and stood up.

“What’s up?” I said avoiding eye contact.

“What you got up for this weekend?” he asked.

I glanced at him. Damn! He was fine. Smiling at me with his beautiful lips.




“I got a lot of studying to do,” I replied.  

“Oh, aight, well hit me up this week so we can hook up and hang out.”

“Yeah, aight.” I grabbed my backpack and rushed toward the locker room doors. My feet were tripping over one another. My head and underarms started to perspire.  

“Yo!” He yelled as I was hustling through the doors. His deep voice startled me. I stopped and slowly turned to face him. My heart was pounding. He was still smiling. Standing with the white towel perfectly wrapped around his waist.

He pointed towards me. “You got your sweater on backwards.”

“Thanks,” I said flustered. I pushed through the doors and ran toward the water fountain at the end of the hall.

That evening I couldn’t stop thinking of George.

His smile.

His body.

Thoughts of his nakedness kept me awake the entire night.

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