THE SUM OF MY PARTS X200 | ADVOCATE.COMRuling with a Sequined
Fist: The Gay Handbook

If you’re a gay newbie trying
to navigate your way though a word that is probably gayer than you are (at least
at this point), you’ll need to know what shimmers and what stains. So says Dan
Saniski, author of Ruling with a Sequined Fist: The Gay Handbook (Lulu, $15). Whether you’re a muscular jock who loves
using the word  “bro “ or a leather
enthusiast, this book has something you can work with as you find yourself a
place on the gay social spectrum. As Saniski says,  “You may be born gay, but fabulous takes work.” Ruling
with a Sequined Fist
is not only a
fun read, it will help you put your fiercest face forward. —Winston Gieseke 

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