Bookshelf: Eating Out (and In)



Thrive Foods,
by Brendan Brazier (Lifelong Books)

Former professional Ironman athlete, Brazier
created the Whole Foods product line,VEGA, authored two other “Thrive” books
and now offers up 200 nutritionally complete, easy-to-make recipes (some
from the author's favorite restaurants) using super foods like maca, chia,
hemp, chlorella, and avoiding common problem foods (wheat, yeast, gluten, soy,
dairy, corn). The tome boasts information on reducing nutritional stress,
nutrient-to-fossil-fuel comparisons, why low-carbon, plant-based diets are
better, but one look at the author and surely you’ll wonder why publishers
didn’t paste his sexy mug on every page. Recipes not to be missed are Gorilla
Food Green Tacos (from Vancouver's Gorilla Food restaurant) and Chocolate
Chip-Maple Maca Ice Cream.

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